Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassadors

ID Identifying Discourse Cultural Ambassadors are a select group of community members, students and university representatives who represent our  501 (c) (3) Non Profit, Non Governmental (NGO), charity on university campus’s, high schools, elementary schools, community based organizations and within the community. Our Cultural Ambassadors are chosen based on work ethic, scholarship, and genuine displays of honesty and integrity of character.  

Our Cultural Ambassadors coordinate international donations and manage the collection and distribution of donated books to their chosen recipients. Cultural Ambassadors in Morocco  and other countries also facilitate the university based Caaff Scholarship. Cultural Ambassadors also nominate individuals, schools and organizations to collaborate on humanitarian efforts with ID Identifying Discourse Inc.

Our Cultural Ambassadors represent the following organizations, schools and universities:

Erica Waples 
Yale University, B.A Women' s and Gender Studies 
New York University, MPA International Policy and Management
ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassador

Mr. Spencer Marr Esq.

ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Central Legal Officer and Cultural Ambassador

D. Jhamyl
ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassador

Damon Jhamyl, is a community organizer, educator, folk art specialist and social entrepreneur. He has been dedicated to advancing social justice, cultivating leaders and artists, and mentoring youth for over 14years. 

Damon has
been interested and fascinated by world culture; history, and the many societies that create the world's communities. His passion for cultural learning includes human social behaviors, community and society structure, psychology, and the ancient and historical connections between indigenous communities.

Damon has the breadth, and scope of study needed to explore cultural subjects in-depth. As an educator, Damon has researched and studied many different cultures, religions, mythologies, languages, and histories.Damon has developed several intercultural youth programs that exposed others to the richness of the global community, while encouraging them to develop stronger research skills of their own.

Damon has lived and worked in England France, Ireland, Iceland, Scotland, the Netherlands, Morocco, Canada, Mexico,Spain, and the Basque region of Northern Spain. See full bio...
Zakaria Oudrhiri
Moulay Ismail University
ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Associate Director Morocco
ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassador and Official Translator

Long-time editor at the website of Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, Zack contributes in writing and translating articles from English or French into Arabic, mainly on linguistic topics. He also holds the status of administrator in the website, and helps in providing programming resources and back-end structures in CSS and JavaScript. In the recent years, he participated in several real-life activities related to Wikipedia; meetings with universities and workshops, in Morocco and abroad.

In 2012, after meeting with the executive director of ID INC., and participating in the book donation to the University of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah the same year, Zack began working as cultural ambassador, manager and translator at the organization. When I'm not studying or working, I'm probably reading, learning some new language, getting arty, watching cartoons, or just hanging out with friends,’ says Zack.

Zakraoui Fouad
Moulay Ismail University
Moroccan Research Project Coordinator

ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassador

Professor Bouchaib Zahawi
Director of Moroccan Association of Education (MACE)/Morocco
ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassador and Partner Organization

Sanaa Karim
English Language Instructor
Alfassaha School
ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassador
ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Youth Program Consultant
Simo Garmah
Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, United Nations Translation Services
ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassador
Nourdine Mamou
English Studies Major
Honorary ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassador for Meknes, Morocco
Kamal Effina
Mohammed V University
Moroccan/American Liaison
ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassador

Rachid El Yazidi
Moulay Ismail University
PhD Candidate- Language, Culture and Communication
ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassador
Driss Chaouqi
Hassan II  Mohhamedia University
Moroccan/American Liaison
ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassador
Badre Khiara
Cadi Ayad University
ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassador
Xi Lou
Master candidate of Department of Politics, New York University

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

LLB in International Politics

MA in English Literature (Interpreting and Translation Practice)

ID Inc Researcher and Project Developer

Armaan Sidiqqi
University of Chicago/ Fulbright Researcher
ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassador
Ali Bensebaa
Literature and Cultural Studies at Mohammed V University in Souissi
Study Abroad Director of the Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies 
ID Identifying Discourse Inc. Cultural Ambassador
1 Million Books for Morocco - Moroccan Language School Education Partners
Jamal Soufane -Taounet-Ouislane
Mustapha Sifa- Sidi Bennour
Moulay Hicham Belhassane-
Driss Talbi-Sidi Kacem
Oulaid Amzaourou-Azrou City
Hassane Elhilali-Alamal

ID Identifying Discourse Inc Cultural Ambassadors and Language School Education Partners
"Chart of the Sea Coasts of Europe, Africa, and America . . ."
From John Thornton, The Atlas Maritimus of the Sea Atlas.
London, ca. 1700.

Official permission granted to ID Identifying Discourse Inc. for use of this image as a logo.
The original map is in the collection of the Library of Congress Geography & Map Division

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