1 Million Books for Morocco Book Campaign 

1 Million Books for Morocco is our strongest campaign to date and remains our main focus at the moment. We are working hard and reaching out to community members asking for donations of books. We do the hard work and go beyond the surface, we collect the books, sort them out, dust them off and ship them out to learning centers worldwide.

We are currently working with several universities in Morocco, smaller language centers and community organizations. We aim to reach out to and eventually develop book and educational resource donation initiatives with all of the main universities in Morocco.

We collect them, sort them and ship them out, it's just that simple !
Below is an overview of the types of books we are collecting. 
Children (ages 7-9) 
First to Fourth grade reading level equivalence

  • Easy Reader books
  • Instructional books with lots of color and big letters
  • Activity books and coloring books
  • Books on sports 

Children (ages 9-12) 
Fourth to Fifth grade reading level equivalence

  • Language Text Books
  • Reading and Math Text Books
Children and Young Adults
(ages 12 and older) 
Fifth grade to 12th grade reading level equivalence

This category has been expanded to include a wide age range as most English speakers in morocco begin their language studies at this age level in school, while older English speaker students are always enthusiastic at reading books in English with stories that correspond to this age range and allow for them to develop an easier form of language comprehension.

Books needed:

  • Math and Science Textbooks
  • Reading Textbooks
  • Activity Books and Workshop Books
  • History Textbooks
  • Language books
At the university level we have a high demand for the following books: 
In English, French, Arabic and Spanish and Italian and more...

  • History Textbooks
  • International Law
  • Culture, Anthropology, Sociology
  • Economics and Finance
  • International Relations and International Politics 
  • Marketing and Business

Encyclopedias of all kinds are welcomed including, science, history, animals, plants, biology, law,etc.

Book contents and subject matter should be culturally sensitive and not contain any subject matter  which may be considered offensive.

We accept all kinds of books and then we sort through them and select the books which meet the needs of the students in Morocco.

We aim to find a shelf and a home for all books donated.

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