Building Libraries Project: Why Morocco, Africa and Other developing Nations?

Presently  ID Identifying Discourse Inc, with the help of non governmental organizations is working to identify learning institutions in Morocco, other countries in Africa and developing nations worldwide who have presented an honest need for assistance with gaining access to learning tools and educational resources to promote higher education, and develop access to reading and basic education for community members who are disenfranchised.

ID Identifying Discourse Inc. assists organizations who have a genuine need for books which would assist them and their program participants in meeting their learning needs and goals. We aim to work primarily with local language centers in rural areas as well as cities, whose teaching staff offer free, low cost and sliding scale affordability classes to community members.

Our scope of collaboration also includes small local schools, language centers in rural communities as well as local universities throughout Morocco, Nairobi Kenya, Haiti, India and other developing nations.

Morocco-Romance vs. Reality


Upon one's first visit to Morocco it is easy to become smitten with the awesome beauty of the romantic Moroccan landscape, to seek out the picturesque and become fascinated with Moroccan history as well as it's extant cultures and people. 


Yet there exists a unfathomable scope to Moroccan life which reaches way beyond what ethnotourism, study abroad programs, wayward ex pat-status wanderings and salvage anthropology has to offer. Conversations conducted in multiple dialects and languages, national and foreign, abound amongst the young and the old and the messages are genuine and direct.


Moroccans are extremely intelligent and quick learners, who possess strong personalities and a penchant for learning multiple languages quickly.  Yet some areas of development still lack the essential tools and resources needed to assist in fully developing (or more widely so ) the capacities to build stronger learning communities internally. The educational system is  constantly improving and working to meet the needs of students and professors and this is where ID Identifying Discourse works to receive it's welcome.


Now please do not misunderstand me, for history has proven that Moorish intellect and science has made enormous contributions to the storehouses of western knowledge, however presently there is great room for improvement within the educational systems of developing countries worldwide and Morocco has a wealth of intellect, talent and ambitious smart young people who are ready to absorb and apply as much knowledge as possible when the opportunity is present.

Out of many, here are a few reasons Morocco is our current focus:

  • Our advisors have visited and or studied in Morocco in a manner of cultural immersion in which Moroccan society has been experienced outside of the normative western cultural anthropological framework. 

  • Our advisors have lived off the beaten track in Morocco for years and have been welcomed into and visited many of the distant rural neighborhoods and universities and experienced first-hand, the expressed request and need for books from community members, students and professors alike.

  • Books and other educational resources are noticeably in short supply in many of the learning institutions throughout Morocco.

  • Again, while Moroccan universities do have growing libraries and local educational resources the demand for more diverse literature as well as textbooks is ever increasing.

Location, Location, Location......

The ID Inc. team has met and worked with students, professors and deans from schools, universities and organizations from: Meknes, Fes, Tangier, Asfi (Safi), Marrakech, Tetouan, Kenifra, Kenitra, El Jadida, Casablanca, Erechadia and Merzouga. 

Our collaborating book donors are ordinary community members who represent:
Spain, France, Belgium, The United States, Portugal, Britain, Italy and the Middle East.

Libraries in Morocco are welcoming of books that are culturally relevant and  whose information therein is appropriate for their culture while containing reliable information from scholarly sources. Students, professors and community members are appreciative of the gifts of books and other educational resources.
Data-Driven Action

If you believe that your school, organization or University would benefit from learning more about our organization and how we may collaborate in the future, please complete the form below and submit it to our advisors. We will gladly respond upon review.

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Over the next few years we will continue to focus on Morocco, Nairobi Kenya, Haiti and India and work towards identifying learning institutions where books are in short supply and needed.

Our initial work which began in 2010 with the major Universities in Morocco, allowed for our initial book donations to reach a larger student population.

We will continue to work with the University system as we identify the smaller learning institutions throughout Morocco, Nairobi Kenya, Haiti and India.

Current Language School, Community Organization Collaboration
Past collaborations have included the following universities:


           Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah

             Le Choix de l’excellence

University Ibn Tofail Faculty of Letters
The Houman El Fetwaki School
Mrirt, Morocco
Moulay Hicham Belhassane
Education and Language School Partner
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