ID Identifying Discourse Inc. is a harmonious international think tank and resource tool dedicated to literacy development, and peace building, through providing a spectrum of capacity development assistance, and educational resources to national and international teaching and learning communities. Encouraging wholesome and inclusive dialogue  around art, culture and education,  is where the work of Identifying Discourse Inc. begins, as we learn about the genuine needs of communities in which we work with first hand. Alongside community members and leaders we develop culturally relevant and competent solutions, and implement wholesome ideas into actions,  promoting peace, intercultural exchange and to alleviate poverty.

Some of our College, University and Academic Supporters
Arab Students' Association at Yale

As an official 501 (c) (3) non profit we are currently focusing on our donor based campaign with learning institutions, schools, art and cultural organizations in Morocco, through our program 1 Million Books for Morocco, Ana Atakalam, PANGEA, and the Indigenous to Indigenous programs. Our collaborations with artists from around the world, and with organizations throughout the United States, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and India are in hopes of developing peaceful conversations of healing through arts and culture.

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