ID Identifying Discourse Inc. as a harmonious international think tank and resource tool dedicated to literacy development and peace building through providing a spectrum of capacity development assistance to international learning communities, reaches out to educational communities worldwide. 

Although our current country of focus is Morocco, we also work with schools who are donating books in, the United States, Canada, Belgium, France, Spain and many other countries; where we are informed of the needs of at risk communities where books and educational resources are need or can be supplied. We are receiving books from all over the world with our international outreach and we are ultimately grateful for the international collaborations and donations.

The Opportunity For Us To Give
Our giving principles are simple.

We work in a very direct way with organizations who work with rural communities and with community members who are disenfranchised and unable to gain access to literacy because of various social barriers. We create opportunities to present books to organizations and schools who can really use the books and educational resources in the best way possible. We donate books in a systematic way as we determine how the organization is set up and what community they work with directly. Our principles are straight forward and honest, we want to make certain to donate the books to groups where the resources will be used immediately for programmatic needs.

Our team members have visited, studied, lived or worked in the following countries:
Great Britain and the United Kingdm, Iceland, Belgium, Morocco, North Africa, South Africa, France, Spain, Mexico, Canada including the Island of Kahnawake ( Mohawk territory), Cuba, Germany, Lebanon, Peru, Barbados, Russia, China, Brazil, Hawaii, Italy, Austria, Greece, and Australia.
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