Our Direct Motivation and Inspiration

At Identifying Discourse Inc.  501 (c) (3) our goals are transparent, honest and simple: we want to help others create and develop ways to promote peaceful communities, literacy development and more wholesome lives for themselves in their own way with respect to all components of their culture.

Cultural sensitivity and competency are our priorities as we deliver our donations throughout the world.
At ID Inc. we continue to build and cultivate professional relationships with our participating Universities, community organizations and NGO's worldwide.

Book Donation and Library Building History

  • In 2010/ 2011 the team behind I.D Identifying Discourse Inc. donated a large number of English language text books, University level science and history books, business and marketing guides and easy readers to the Moulay Ismail University in Meknes, Morocco.

  • The ID Inc. team also donated over 450 National Geographic magazines, as a jacketed collection which included over 200 collectors editions and were received from a private donors' library in Meknes city. The collection was transported from Meknes to Fes and donated to the English Department at Sidi Mohammed Bin Abdullah University

  • Further donations of books and clothing were made to individuals and families in Bab Tisimi, Sidi Bouzkeri in Meknes, and to students in Safi.

  • To date I.D Identifying Discourse Inc. has donated over 1500 Books to the Moroccan student communities and over $4,000.00 USD worth of clothing, computers and household items to families throughout Morocco.

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