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Book Donations for 2014!
"Good people doing good things, it's just that simple!" Anonymous

Help us donate books to our international youth community.
Book Donations for 2014
"Good people doing good things!"  This is our motto, our inspiration and our main reason to donate discarded, donated books and other educational resources to the hands of young students around the world, where resources are in short supply. 
Our first campaign to donate our first delivery of books to Morocco, Nairobi and Haiti for 2014 is under way at the moment.
Dear Supporters

We are working with over 20 selected rural schools, language centers, universities and several community organizations in Morocco 2014. 

Smart Students!

Visit our site and learn more about our library building efforts and how we reach out to individual students of need with our Caaff Scholarship. 

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Volunteer or intern with us, donate books or help us out in any way possible. Check out our volunteer and intern 

Good Morning Applicant,


As we are all aware reading is fundamental to the wholesome development of young and old minds amongst people across the world. Yet for many, access to literacy and higher education is hindered by poverty and other social barriers. Identifying Discourse, Inc., connects organizations like yours with books and educational resources for your students and their educational needs.


ID, Inc.,is operating as an official 501 (C) (3) Non Profit, philanthropic and humanitarian organization, whose aim is to collect, discarded or donated books, and to redistribute them through donations to international learning communities where books are in short supply. Our goals are transparent, honest and simple: we want to help others create and develop ways to promote peaceful communities through literacy development.


Your organization and our team have been communicating recently!


We are reminding you of the important process of completing the necessary Official/Partnership Organization application. you and to mail the completed document and associated letters to our office in New York City as soon as possible. The deadline for these documents are open ended. Yet, the earlier the applications are completed and mailed to NYC, the better the chances are that we can collaborate with your organization during our current book donation campaign.


Remember to Read the document thoroughly and complete!


The completed application packet must also have an official letter from your school or organization, officially requesting to receive assistance with donated educational resources from ID Identifying Discourse Inc. This letter is needed for our official dossier. We also need a copy of the statute for your school or company,photos of your organization, and if you are a non profit organization we will need a letter of your 501c3 tax status or non profit  or NGO letter from your town.


The following information is needed and must be clear on your completed application(please recheck your applications).


  • Address and postal code number for your school and other schools you are collaborating with or representing (each school must also complete an official packet and also send a letter to my office requesting books). The packets can be mailed together if several schools are working together to receive books for their students.
  • Name of Director and contact person of each school
  • Size of each library and the amount of books and specific book subject each school or organization requests                                                                    

**Follow these easy steps in order for your organization, school or language center to qualify for book donations through ID Identifying Discourse Inc


  • Please use the links below to access the application
  • Print out the application form and complete the application
  • Mail the application along with the other required documents to our New York City address as soon as possible

It is only possible to donate books to organizations, schools and language centers who complete the Official Collaboration/Partnership Organization application.


ID Inc. Official Collaboration/Partnership Application 

Please mail the completed Official Collaboration/Partnership application and letters to:

ID Identifying Discourse Inc

30 Storrie, Street #1

Amsterdam, NY 12010


If applications and letters cannot be completed now please consider resubmitting your application again in the future for collaboration. (if you have recommended additional organizations, each organization must complete their own individual application as a part of their application packet to be considered as a recipient of books or educational resources. If one organization is serving as a host for several smaller organizations we can work with the main organization to facilitate the paperwork for the other schools). 



Our First Fundraiser

We just began our first fundraiser to help us with our next shipment of donated books to reach Africa in August 2014, so that we can assist the 30 selected schools and 10 community organizations in building and developing libraries for students of beginning reading levels to post secondary studies. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience with any questions at info@ or at the mailing address provided above. You can also visit us online at:


Thank You,

Executive Director  

ID Identifying Discourse Inc. 




Recent Accomplishments                                                        


In 2011, ID, Inc., donated a large number of English language textbooks, university level science and history books, business and marketing guides to Moulay Ismail University in Meknes, Morocco. The following year in January 2012 the ID Inc. team donated to the English Department at Sidi Mohammed Bin Abdullah University in Fez, Morocco. Further donations of books and clothing were made to individuals and families in Bab Tisimi, Sidi Bouzkeri and Safi, Morocco. To date Identifying Discourse Inc. has donated over 1,000 books to the Moroccan student communities and over $4,000.00 USD worth of clothing, computers and household items to families throughout Morocco.


Present Need


ID Identifying Discourse, Inc., continues on in its generous spirit of giving by placing donated, clean, gently used and new books to international communities in need. We are in desperate need of used text books, language books, books of all kinds and we are currently working with several community based organizations as we coordinate our current book donation to be donated to schools in Morocco, Nairobi and Haiti and other countries.


Partner With Us


We are interested in learning more about opportunities to collaborate with other organizations doing good work around the globe. In particular, we are seeking partner organizations to assist us with our programmatic needs of purchasing and shipping secondhand books, of receiving donations of books, and of distributing books to the communities who we collaborate with.


Your Gift to ID, Inc., Supports...


  • Building international partnerships;
  • Secondhand book purchasing;
  • Collection, storage and shipment of donated books; 
  • Receipt and distribution of books in Africa an more!! 

Help ID, Inc., Expand Its Impact


Morocco, Honduras, Haiti, The Dominican Republic, South and Central Africa, Dakar, Brazil, Chile, Iceland, South Pacific islands, Bali, Laos, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and other countries and regions are all being considered as future sites for our peace through literacy development projects.


ID, Inc., looks forward to working with you to put books in the hands of young people across the globe. Books are universal objects and we continue to explore ways in which can express genuine intercultural support of reading and universal primary education.


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518 W 181st St

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