ID Identifying Discourse Inc. is working towards improving literacy development in learning communities of need, encouraging peacemaking and identifying and promoting wholesome discourse around critical social issues of: poverty, peacemaking and integrated community outreach. One of our main goals is fostering learning environments where participants can share and cultivate ideas about peace-making, while further promoting community outreach through the arts and integrated media.



Company Overview

  • I.D Identifying Discourse Inc. is operating as a 501(c) (3), Non profit and Non Governmental (NGO) International Philanthropic Charity registered with the the NYS Charities Bureau.

  • We work to encourage discussions and community organizing around issues such as:
     Poverty, Literacy, Human Rights and
    Peace Building.

  • Our focus is to encourage peace through literacy development by placing donated books and educational resources in the hands of students, teachers, professors and community members in learning communities throughout the world.


Students are welcome to apply to our internship program. Internships are provided on a semester-by-semester basis. Applicants are encouraged to apply from all states, colleges and universities. Check with the Career Services department at your school or university to learn if college credits can be earned. ID Ientifying Discourse Inc. will work with High School Counselors and College Advisors to create unique internship opportunities for interested students.

     Some internship responsibilities include:


  • Dedication to work in a growing international non-profit organization, interest in education and social issues and learning more about NGO operations in an international environment
  • Keen to gain experience in Communication, Charity,Philanthropy work, and Humanitarian Work
  • Fluent in English, Spanish, Haitian-Creole, Italian, Icelandic, Portuguese, Arabic and French. Arabic and French will be an advantage.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational skills, detail-oriented
  • Creativity and initiative appreciated
  • Enjoy working both within a team and independently
  • Ability / skills in leading and managing volunteers/internships appreciated
  • Technical knowledge and experience in designing and/or maintaining a website is not essential but would be appreciated

       Internship conditions:

  • Report to directly to Director and other staff as needed
  • Work closely with staff and other volunteers and interns from different nationalities and backgrounds
  • Flexibility in working either from home or at selected sites
  • Allowance to cover transportation in NYC. Due to tight resources, there is no other financial compensation for this internship position.
Online Research Assistant
  • This position reports directly to the Supervisor of Interns and Volunteers, and also to the Executive Director
  • Implement the highest standards of communication between ID Identifying Discourse Inc. management team and other volunteers
  • Requires competent computer program skills ( Microsoft Word, Excel, Skype and excellent internet connectivity capacity)
  • Responsible for assisting with creating and managing a database of national and international humanitarian organizations focused on education and social justice, including concerns of indigenous community members and urban communities
  • Requires effective communication and management of email communications between ID Identifying Discourse Inc. representatives and our national and international cultural collaborators
  • Participate in intermittent phone interviewing and fundraising activities
  • Maintain a weekly log of communications,and details about project progress
  • Additional administrative tasks which are manageable via phone conference and online communication (to be determined)

This position is reserved for college and university students with excellent writing skills and an interest in: education; cultural anthropology, international relations, non-profit management and philanthropy. The online capacity of this position greatly considers students who are unable to travel to participate in an internship.
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