Books for Morocco Fundraiser 2014
Wow! The Autumn season has witnessed great feedback from schools in Morocco. With the official support from the Ministry of Education for the Kingdom of Morocco. We are glad to continue our work in Morocco.

We are currently fundraising to collect $10,000 by August 2014. Your contributions will assist us with collecting over 20, 000 much needed books to distribute to community organizations, high schools, universities, and hard to reach schools in the mountain areas. The books will be delivered in June and arrive to the learning institutions in July 2014.

Any contribution towards our goal is greatly appreciated. We have collected $2,500.00 dollars and hoping to reach our goal by August 2014.

Date: January 1st 2014 to August 2014

Duration: 7 Months

Goal: To raise $10,000 for books and educational resources

Calling all Friends and Supporters!
Donate now and help us reach our $10,000 goal.
Your assistance helps us to continue donating educational resources.
Fundraiser 2014

"Good people doing good things!"  This is our motto, our inspiration and our main reason to donate discarded, donated books and other educational resources to the hands of young students around the world, where resources are in short supply.

Our first campaign to donate our third delivery of books to Morocco 2014 is under way at the moment. Following a trip to Morocco in March and April to visit the Ministry of Education, representatives and students from Hassan II University, Ibn Zohr University, Ibn Tofail University and members from local public and language schools, as well as rural schools in Morocco, our team is determined to meet our $10,000.00 fundraising goal.

ID Identifying Discourse Inc. is currently working with a team in Morocco as the team is establishing a language school to reach out specifically to at risk youth in high risk areas of Meknes, Rabat, Casablanca, Kenitra, Sidi Bennouir, Midelt, Zeda,  Agadir, where the cost of language classes is very high and the access to educational resources is majorly limited.

The ID Inc. team is also working with two community based organizations in Kenya to help them develop libraries for community use.

Dear Supporters

We are working with over 30 selected rural schools, language centers, universities and several community organizations in Morocco, Nairobi and Haiti for 2013.
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Visit our site and learn more about our library building efforts and how we reach out to individual students of need with our Caaff Scholarship. 

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Volunteer or intern with us, donate books or help us out in any way possible. Check out our volunteer and intern 

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As we are all aware reading is fundamental to the wholesome development of young and old minds amongst people across the world. Yet for many, access to literacy and higher education is hindered by poverty and other social barriers. Identifying Discourse, Inc., connects organizations like yours with books and educational resources for your students and their educational needs.


ID, Inc.,is operating as an official New York State 501 (C) (3) Not-for-profit, philanthropic and humanitarian organization. We are also registered in New Orleans, Louisiana and our social commitment is to assist communities of need with gaining access to education and educational resources. We collect, discarded or donated books and redistribute them through donations to local and international learning communities where books are in short supply. Our goals are transparent, honest and simple: we want to help others create and develop ways to promote peaceful communities through literacy development.


Our First Fundraiser

We just began our first fundraiser to help us with our next shipment of donated books to reach Africa in August 2014, so that we can assist the 30 selected schools and 10 community organizations in building and developing libraries for students of beginning reading levels to post secondary studies. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience with any questions at info@ or at the mailing address provided above.


All donations are completely tax deductible

Identifying Discourse Inc. is an official 501 (c) (3) tax exempt international humanitarian organization

Best Regards,

Mr. Damon Jhamyl Anderson, Executive Director

ID Identifying Discourse, Inc.


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