ID Identifying Discourse Inc. is a harmonious international think tank and resource tool dedicated to literacy development, and peace building, through providing a spectrum of capacity development assistance, and educational resources to national and international teaching and learning communities. Encouraging wholesome and inclusive dialogue  around art, culture and education,  is where the work of Identifying Discourse Inc. begins, as we learn about the genuine needs of communities in which we work with first hand. Alongside community members and leaders we develop culturally relevant and competent solutions, and implement wholesome ideas into actions,  promoting peace, intercultural exchange and to alleviate poverty.

As an official 501 (c) (3) non profit we are currently focusing on our donor based campaign with learning institutions, schools, art and cultural organizations in Morocco, through our program 1 Million Books for Morocco, Ana Atakalam, PANGEA, and the Indigenous to Indigenous programs. Our collaborations with artists from around the world, and with organizations throughout the United States, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and India are in hopes of developing peaceful conversations of healing through arts and culture.

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Winter and Spring Fundraiser
Creating and fostering connections amongst the indigenous communities of the world. 
1 Million Books For Morocco
Assisting learning institutions in Morocco with capacity building and development by collecting and donating books from the global community. Read more...
Our Motivation
Why Donate Books?
At the risk of answering a question with a question, the ID Inc. team boldly responds, "Why not?"

Used books which would otherwise be discarded are still valuable sources of information, remember "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

This is where ID Identifying Discourse Inc. can be of service. We have conducted years of on the ground research to identify communities of need where the enthusiasm for reading and higher education is present, yet where books and other learning resources are in short supply.  Read more in the Letter from Our Editor...
Our dedication to connecting charitable community based organizations in New York City to charity organizations in Morocco and other countries around the world is unsurpassed. 

Donations of books and clothing were the aims of our past donating program and we have met with success since our initial donations of books and clothing to Morocco in 2010.

For more information on how you or your organization can get involved today, or to donate click here!!
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Arts and Culture around the world

We are currently seeking writers from all backgrounds and cultures to write for our blog!!
U.S.-Morocco Relations: The Beginning
Morocco and the United States have a long history of friendly relations. This North African nation was one of the first states to seek diplomatic relations with America. In 1777, Sultan Sidi Muhammad Ben Abdullah, the most progressive of the Barbary leaders who ruled Morocco from 1757 to 1790, announced his desire for friendship with the United States.  Read more...

Acacia Trees Could Solve Africa's 

Soil Problems

"The future of trees is on farms," said Dennis Garrity, Director General of the World Agroforestry Centre, or ICRAF, which is one of many participating organization in a gathering of over 800 experts to discuss how trees can and will save the world's farms. Read more...

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