Nominate an individual (Volunteer/Intern)
Community Organization, School, or Language Center

Thank you very much for reaching out to ID Identifying Discourse Inc and for nominating an organization or individual to collaborate with our team on our international humanitarian efforts towards assisting communities gain access to educational resources.
When nominating an individual or organization send an email to and remember to include:

  • The name of the organization or individual that you are nominating
  • The city and country where the organization, school or language center is located and operating
  • Briefly tell us about the community demographics that the organization works with
  • The contact information of the organization or individual
  • A short statement describing why the organization or individual has been nominated to work with ID Identifying Discourse Inc.

For example:

School Name: 
Las Flores
Mexico City

Las Flores school works with young children between the ages of 7 and 14 and provides them with assistance with learning English 

Contact Person: 
Mr John Doe or Mrs. Jane Doe
Contact Information: 
1234 1st Avenue
Mexico City, Mexico 00000

Phone Number: 
Fax Number: 

Reason for nomination: 
I believe this school will benefit from receiving English text books because they are underfunded, a community organization and works with young children who live in an orphanage.
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